Keyboard - Some keys not working
Hey y'all!

Some of the keys on my keyboard are not working, and I don't know if it's soft- or hardware-related.

My Pinebook Pro is an early model from last year. It arrived here in November, and right from the start the space bar didn't seem to work properly. Some of you will remember that back then there were some problems with the touchpad's palm rejection leading to keyboard inputs being dismissed. I have updated the keyboard/touchpad now, but the problem apparently has gotten worse, some of the other lower keys seem to not be working sometimes. The space bar flat out stopped working altogether.

Here's my question, is this a known problem with the software? I haven't followed development so closely since last year, and to me it seems like a random hardware problem. I'm evaluating what's the next right step (software patch, RMA, buy a spare keyboard and build it in myself, etc.).

Any information or pointers in the right direction appreciated.

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