Purchasing Limits on the Pinebook Pro
Are the current limits to purchasing multiple Pinebook Pro laptops intentional? or some kind of left over default from the pre-order / initial run period?

It seems weird that I cant buy multiple Pinebook Pro laptops, but because its just a regular item, I could just pay for that one, and order another one, and since I was thinking of buying 3 of them, I'd end up paying half the cost of a Pinebook Pro in shipping (3*$33) ... /end-of-silly-example.

But yeah, I was looking to buy 2, and was surprised to find I couldn't.

Is there a reason for this?
Where are you from? Maybe someone would like to sell their PBP for cheaper.
I've kept my eye out for second hand sales, but I hadn't seen any from people in Australia. (Which is where I am Wink )
They have an email address for sales/wholesale orders. They might be able to help with multiples.
I wouldn't really have thought "2 or 3" warrants any kind of special ordering process. But I suppose it's worth a shot.
Myself and my colleague here in Australia tried to buy one each, and wanted to combine shipping as the shipping cost plus GST will bump the price of each device with accessories to about $450AUD, from a base of about $350 before freight and tax. 

The freight cost alone on  a single unit is $41 USD, which at current exchange is around $70AUD. It would be really nice to split that cost (plus a bit for a slightly bigger package) between 2 units (or more if we can find more people willing to buy in).

Is there a possibility the buying restrictions will be lifted soon, or another way to buy multiples? Is there any way to have a "co-op" kind of arrangement where people commit to buy in a particular region and the shipping and taxes can all be combined into one payment?

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