Gnome-shell is a touch unstable still for me
Hi all,

I'm finding there are things I do with Gnome-shell on Manjaro (I installed it by hand from the KDE installer for the internal drive) that will crash the shell.  Some are easy (trying to change the background image) and some are more complex (turning on the dash to dock extension).

Any suggestions on some tweaks I might have missed that will help the out?  If not, what troubleshooting data can I gather to help diagnose and correct the problem?  I'm like 4th and inches from having this machine set up exactly like I would like it so a big THANK YOU to everyone for their hard work!

Another alternative might be an Ubuntu installer for the internal drive.  That's probably closer to my final desktop than anything, although I've enjoyed being back in the arch world...

Thanks again!
I can't recall if it was pushed to the stable repos, as I updated to it from unstable, but are you running Gnome 3.36?

Thanks for replying. i'm running 3.35.91 it looks like.

- B
Try seeing if you can update to 3.6

Is there a trick to force it to use 3.36? Also a regular "sudo pacman -Syu" isn't working for me (see my other thread).


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