How to make the Manjaro Gnome image update
FAIR WARNING: After I followed these steps and then updated Manjaro it failed to boot. Until the image itself is updated, I do not recommend installing this variant of Manjaro!
The current Manjaro Gnome image is very old. Manjaro has changed how it updates, so in order to make it update I ran the below command from this comment ( in the Manjaro forums:

sudo pacman -U

and then ran pacman -Syyu after. Unfortuantely, that didn't work, as pacman was making a fuss about the xorgproto package, so after a little googling I ran the command: pacman -Rdd libdmx libxxf86dga, which removed the problematic package and allowed me to update.
Hope this saves somebody some time!
EDIT: So that brought the updates up to April. In order to be fully up to date I had to edit my pacman mirrors file (I copied and pasted this from same Manjaro forum, just further down:
  1. Edit your
  2. file, so only this line is present:
Server =$repo/$arch
Nice job! I saw that the image was outdated but I just went the lazy route and installed Gnome/ripped out KDE from the default install - was surprisingly painless.
Apparently sometimes the lazy route is better Smile . After going through all the work to get the Manjaro GNOME image to update it ended up not booting after installing all the updates  Angry . So until the image is updated, I do not recommend installing it.

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