Best Gnome distro for PBP?
I was wondering if someone had the opportunity try the gnome desktop environment on other distros that could give a brief comparison to Manjaro Gnome.

It runs well enough but isn't buttery smooth all the time. If they are just as comparable as Manjaro, I will try the deepin desktop environment. Someone was able to successfully compile it another thread and had good results.
Well, I kind of had to roll my own, but the new Armbian builds work very well with GNOME desktop environment installed.

Here's a tweet showcasing what I did.

Here are the steps I took:
# Update Packages
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

# Install gnome basic packages (be sure to switch to gdm3 when prompted)
sudo apt install gnome-session gdm3

# Install gnome extra packages
sudo apt install gnome-terminal gnome-control-center gnome-tweaks nautilus gedit gnome-screenshot gnome-software

# Create home directory folders
mkdir ~/Desktop ~/Downloads ~/Pictures ~/Public ~/Videos ~/Documents ~/Music ~/Templates

# Reboot, click the gear on the login screen, and choose Gnome on Xorg

Two things I am currently not able to figure out are suspend and enabling wayland.
Edit: I fixed Wayland on my own groovy build with gnome which you can download here:
After building my own manjaro gnome image, i am even more confident that the best gnome experience is still armbian focal. I am still having an issue getting gdm3 to start wayland, while manjaro doesnt seem to share this issue. gnome animations are way smoother on x11 armbian however. but it would be really nice to get wayland to work. this appears to be my bug:

edit: build my own armbian gnome images and got wayland working out of the box!

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