A few questions, just got my Pinebook Pro
Absolutely lovely computer and booting to the already installed system on eMMC works really well.
Its snappy and boots fast. I tried installing Manjaro/Plasma, but if feels very sluggish in comparison.
A few questions.

1) Is this something that can be fixed (or will be) in the future (sluggishness)? if anyone knows

2) I read in the March update news that Pine will be using Manjaro as the default moving on. Does this mean the (I guess its) Debian which comes pre installed will not be supported anymore, or not have as much support as Manjaro?

3) I was not presented with any installation to eMMC when booting Manjaro from SD, are there any tutorials available for installing to eMMC with encryption for the drive? Or at least just installing to eMMC?

4) This might be a stupid question, but when the Pinebook is booting there are no option for BIOS. This is normal for these SOC computers, correct?
1) This might be caused by the fact that you are not running Manjaro from eMMC.

2) You are probably correct, but I guess the real answer has to come from Pine64.

3) There are two images. Which one did you use?
Instruction here: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-arm-...sed/125823
And get the emmc installer here: https://osdn.net/projects/manjaro-arm/st...a/20.02.1/

4) I guess so.
The first boot of manjaro is really slow. Once it's set up, it should be fine. Have you booted it more than once? (Also, a slow sd card means a slow os). To install it to eMMC, just flash the image to /dev/mmcbk2 the same way you did the sd card.
there isnt really "support" for the mrfixit2001 debian os. manjaro is the best supported os now, and likely will be in the future. you should use manjaro unless you are an advanced user and then you are on your own.

there is a separate manjaro emmc installer.
Thanks ! The eMMC download of Manjaro worked much better once flashed. Mouse movement is still a bit sluggish, but overall seems better. Not sure if this has to do with mouse pointer acceleration tho. I tried disabling it, but can't say if I noticed much of a difference. For example, moving the pointer to a corner of a window to resize it, it lacks the kind of precision as with the pre-installed deb (don't know what window manager it was).

Now that Manjaro is running from eMMC, are there any way to encrypt the drive?

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