[Debian] How to enter single user mode?
I am trying to enter single use mode.
The purpose is to move /var /usr and /home to a newly installed ssd.

I tried typing "init 1" and I got a black screen with a blinking cursor, no text input.
The same thing happens when I tried "systemctl isolate rescue.target".

Are there boot options to allow me to enter single user mode?
I could always boot from an sd card and do it from there, only I don't have one handy at the moment. Besides single user mode should work.
Yes, I would like to know how too
>I tried typing "init 1" and I got a black screen
Just asking, were you in a vt or xterm?
I would not expect it to work in a xterm
You can use rsync, I made a copy of stock with rsync,,
dd the 1st 16M, fdisk to fix part table, make fs, mount
cd to part1 ,, rsync -a /boot .
cd part2 mkdir proc, dev, sys, run (empty directories, don't rsync)
rsync -a (all the rest, 1 at a time) . (rsync -a /bin . ,,, and so on)
To have X not active, reboot, don't login, change to vt, login there (as root)
You likely will have to manually do mount of nvme, and make a fstab
Single user mode is extremely crippled but try a search like https://duckduckgo.com/?q=linux+%22singl...fnt&ia=web

It's better I think to load up a spare bootable SD and boot from that, even using a USB reader, so you're up and running without your main devices mounted. Do what you need to do to them, shut down and pull out the SD, then boot up your normal way. In the old days you'd use a live cd for this.

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