Battery drains to zero overnight
I am having an issue where my battery is being used up even when the computer is off.  I had it charged to 100% last night and when I turned it on a few minutes ago the battery was at zero.  I turned it off through the system menu and left it on bookshelf unplugged.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Any thoughts?

I have manjaro with plasma installed on the mmc if that makes a difference.
deep sleep should be ~0.1% per hour. idle is about 6%. If you are consuming 10% per hour, then it isn't off.

test: turn your pbp off again. put your ear up to the back. you should hear the pbp turn off.

deep sleep should sound off as well.
I think you must be correct, I turned it of with "shutdown -h now" and the battery didn't drain hardly at all.
(03-19-2020, 12:29 PM)zeos Wrote: I think you must be correct, I  turned it of with "shutdown -h now" and the battery didn't drain hardly at all.

From what i understand from you must have pressed the shutdown button n closed the lid before it could even shut down and then i goes in idle and drain your battery. 

Please shutdown and wait for it to shutdown before you close the lid.  This happens often on my lenovo laptop with manjaro on it.
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make sure you have an upgraded manjaro install for a new kernel and suspend config.

i use manjaro xfce unstable on an sdcard for testing and is working well if you consider it a static image. debian unstable arm64 works way better if exploring extra software.

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