Pinetime OS - Designing an UI for the Pinetime!
Hello pinetime devs,
this is post is about a project that was taking shape on the Discord/Telegram group, but the need for a static reference
pushed me to write here in Pine64 forum.

After earlier contacts with Lup Yuen on Twitter, I started to ruminate and then to draw a possible UI for the Pinetime,
something suitable for its 240x320px pixel and the hardware feature.

There are some pictures of sketches in early February, but the place to see the UI take shape are the interactive prototypes:

Adobe XD prototype
- Invision prototype

The UI use 2 fonts carefully selected across the one with open license:
- the Free Sans, a redesigned version of Helvetica, used mostly for content text
- the Share font, a narrow font used in label and system titles.

Other candidates were the 
- Free Mono (monospace)
- Lato
- Source Sans
- Oswald Heavy

UI structure
The UI is based on a dark background with a HomeWatch screen, 
and Springboard with all the apps and settings.

- (on HomeWatch), any click or swipe go to the Springboard
- (on Springboard), swipe from top to get to HomeWatch
- swiping from top exit the active app
- pushing the physical button exit the app

Every app can be a 
- Single page, with vertical scrolling to see more content (there is a "HW acceleration" on this) or a
- Multi-page app, in this case it's composed by a stack of screens on the right: 
[EXAMPLE] If I have to setup a calendar, I may set Hour/minutes on page 1, date on page 2, and details on page 3.
An undo and a next/Set button helps me to move on the procedure. 
Swipe right and swipe left as a extra method to move in stacks of pages.

The OS UI actually inherit some useful tool from the Meego Harmattan experience, without being too gesture reliant. Most of navigation is still based on simple tap, and coloured buttons. (We need to verify how the detection of swipe will be on the hardware).

Finally, the UI is modular, made by blocks with spacers, and designed to lend itself to a replacement of the 2 fonts by the developers, with similar-sized characters. 
I will post more detail and some guideline at the next stage of works.

Giovanni  Sleepy

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Awesome! Now let us figure out how to implement this... Especially the fonts...

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I added also the link to the Invision prototype:

Invision simuate better gestures, that one will be a graphical variant on bright/fluo colours.
Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Frontend developer
Passionate on new devices

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