Cube Desktop on Pinebook Pro
Did anyone manage to get cube desktop on KWin or compiz on the Pinebook Pro? If so, how did it perform? Was the performance usable?
Okay,, no answer for 14 months looks ominous. 
I found one reference to running compiz under Elementary and it did not look like a happy event.  I am thinking that:
1 the graphics are not sophisticated enough to support it elegantly, and 
2 the horsepower is not there to force it without making it clear that it is struggling.  

I am thinking that if we want things like rotating cube workspace switching we are in the market for a rebuilt laptop with more horses and better graphics support.  I am only slightly disappointed, as that is not WHY I got a PPro.  If anyone finds this and has found (or built) a way to get those compiz style effects working that does not suck, please post a how-to.  I think there are several of us that would be interested. Smile

PS: I like the little smiley because we have the same hairdo!
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