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Cube Desktop on Pinebook Pro - decisivedove - 02-14-2020

Did anyone manage to get cube desktop on KWin or compiz on the Pinebook Pro? If so, how did it perform? Was the performance usable?

RE: Cube Desktop on Pinebook Pro - wpeckham - 04-15-2021

Okay,, no answer for 14 months looks ominous. 
I found one reference to running compiz under Elementary and it did not look like a happy event.  I am thinking that:
1 the graphics are not sophisticated enough to support it elegantly, and 
2 the horsepower is not there to force it without making it clear that it is struggling.  

I am thinking that if we want things like rotating cube workspace switching we are in the market for a rebuilt laptop with more horses and better graphics support.  I am only slightly disappointed, as that is not WHY I got a PPro.  If anyone finds this and has found (or built) a way to get those compiz style effects working that does not suck, please post a how-to.  I think there are several of us that would be interested. Smile

PS: I like the little smiley because we have the same hairdo!