full disk encryption with luks on manjaro xfce
(07-06-2020, 02:12 AM)e-minguez Wrote: I wrote a quick & dirty howto here https://forum.manjaro.org/t/full-disk-en...u=eminguez

AFAIK the installer is intended to be executed in a x86_64 manjaro box. The thing with the partitions is that they have the labels hardcoded, so you will have issues if you run this in a manjaro pinebook pro. HTH

Thnx for the how-to Smile. I have to say though that I got it working as well! A bit differently though:

* Install Manjaro Arm PBP on an SD Card
* Buy an eMMC-microSD adapter (they cost next to nothing)
* Buy a laptop-screwdriver-set if you do not have one.
* Buy a microSD to USB adapter (cost next to nothing as well)
* Remove eMMC from the PBP (sounds complicated, but really simple, just unscrew the lid and use your finger to remove the eMMC).
* Connect the eMMC to the microSD adapter
* Insert the microSD-eMMC-adapter with the eMMC attached into the microSD-USB-adapter
* Plug in the microSD-to-USB adapter in the USB slot of the PBP
* Boot the PBP via the micro-SD-Card created at step 1 (will refer to this as liveOS)
* Install the manjaro-arm-installer and all dependencies on the liveOS
* Install gparted (or any other similar tool) on the liveOS and remove all partiitions from the eMMC
* Then on the liveOS run:

sudo su
export CRYPT="y"
bash manjaro-arm-installer

(Beware > if you run the export command as a regular user and then use sudo bash to run the installer it won't work (for me at least) as the installer didn't pick up on the encryption flag)

And follow the instructions. Select the emptied eMMC as the install destination.

Ignore any errors, (I had a few but none really bit me in the end).

* Powerof > remove SD card, place eMMC back in the PBP
* Boot the PBP

Voila... the PBP will ask for your encryption password and boot after receiving it.

NB: Biggest error was that my install didn't appear to have the user account installed, only root, but I could correct that easily.

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