kernel build script for latest mainline manjaro kernel
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(01-30-2020, 01:03 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: greetings,

included is a kernel build script, and dependencies debian-based systems (and you can modify for other systems easily... ).

this fetches the tsys/manjaro *v5.7* branch from the manjaro git, applies a config of your choice, preps, builds, and debianizes a custom kernel. build time is about 90min for the pbp, or ?min via crossbuilding. (for me is ~10min.)

you can also choose any branch in the manjaro git by changing the VAR.


script now part of pbp-tools. see other forum thread for details.

Which script is the kernel script for debian?
pbp-install-linux in pbp-tools. it will make debian packages with pinebook pro and improved VPU hardware acceleration patches by default.

you can optionally crossbuild on an amd64 system, build a 5.8 rc, build without VPU patches, and supply your own config if desired.

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