Potential Battery Failure
I've had the Pinebook Pro for a few months now, and it's been perfectly fine until this afternoon. I was using it earlier this morning, plugged in with the barrel jack at 10% charge, to watch YouTube on the default OS. I left it to charge for a few hours (again, with the barrel jack) and when I came back the computer had zero charge. It will boot when plugged in, but of course shuts down when power is removed. I opened up the device and nothing appears out of the ordinary.
what happens if you use USB-C pd?

you could also bypass the battery and plug the barrel jack and turn on to test the main board is functional as intended. I would operate at low brightness.

highlights the possible need for replacement batteries in the store!
I would try making sure your PBP is fully shut down, then charge for a while (10 hours) and see where you're at. Suspend has been a bit problematic on mine. When I close the lid it suspends, but plugging in the power cord triggers a wake.
It seems to be working ok now, I don't know what went wrong. To be clear, it's only been working after using my usb-c charger. It's possible I was using the wrong barrel charger maybe? It was rated for 5V 3A.

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