January Community Update discussion
Thank you for the continued updated. Just got the shipping notification for my Pinebook Pro, it should be here soon!

(01-16-2020, 01:39 PM)nas Wrote: Surprised there's even more hardware in the works - I can only assume you guys never sleep!

Let's see, could it possibly include a smart speaker device? Maybe named Pinelope but pronounced Penelope  Wink

This seems like a really workable idea.
Count me in for a $99 PineTab, though unfortunately I don't have the developer skills to contribute to an OS. At that price point (or even a little higher), I'll buy it and let it sit until y'all have something that works, just to support the project (which I very much support). As it is, if it has WiFi, an operating browser, and a keyboard, it's already useful to me.

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