Working AC Adapter
Since the PinePhone Braveheart edition does not come with the AC(Wall) adapter I figured maybe we could start up a comparison of results/charge times for consideration.

The only adapters I have are from my current Personal(P30 Lite) and work phone (S9) and previous phone(Essential PH-1)

The S9 Adapter does not specify wattage just says 9.0V == 1.67A or 5.0V == 2.0A

The P30 Lite Adapter does not specify wattage just says 5V == 2A or 9V == 2A

The Essential adapter clearly says 27W 5V == 3A or 9V == 3A not sure I'll use this one since Pine says 15w...

I'll update this post with charge times once i have my device in hand.

I'm no electrician so those numbers mean nothing to me. I also realize that those are note actual = signs but it's the closest thing i could find to represent.
W = V x A

Manufacturers will quote the highest wattage the charger can do, but it may not be capable of the same wattage at all voltages - as an example your Essential charger can do 27W at 9V but only 15W at 5V.

Given all your chargers do both 5v and 9V they're most likely all PD capable, so should work with the PinePhone. The Essential will charge at maximum speed, but the S9 and P30 chargers will be slower.
Good idea, grondinm, I'm in.
I can provide the low-end data points; the two chargers I see around here that are appropriate are in the 1 amp / 5 watt range.

I will post actual specs and charging time when the phone arrives.

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