Gentoo on Pinebook Pro RELEASE

I've tried to install Gentoo following this guide to sd card with LVM and encrypted root. I can't boot it and it says nothing. I also see nothing in debug tty. How can I find what is going wrong?
(01-15-2020, 05:34 PM)VoxUnius Wrote: Hmm. Interesting. I've been playing with Gentoo on PBP for months but it still has the same issues it had in the beginning. The biggest ones would be: freezing LibreOffice that uses 100% CPU, and flickering widgets (checkboxes, in particular). Also, not sure if it uses video acceleration, looks like it is not. I used Manjaro kernel too, even tried the same config. I was hoping the problem lied in kernel/mesa/drm, but newer version didn't help.

I have the same issues.

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