Keyboard keys rearrangable?
I am considering getting a Pinebook Pro with ANSI keyboard. I am a Dvorak typist, so I would really want to move my keys to the Dvorak layout.

Can the Pinebook Pro's keys be removed and rearranged? Are all letter keys shaped identically so they fit in all places? This has been a problem on my Lenovo X200 for instance, as the keys around the TrackPoint are different, so I'm using blank keys (read: I sanded my keycaps) on there instead.

Note that the Dvorak layout only differs from QWERTY with letters and some other 'square' keys. Non-square keys like the spacebar, backspace, Shift, Ctrl and Tab are in the same place.
From what I understand of a previous issue, where a users key caps came off, it is not encouraged to remove the keys. Apparently they can very difficult to put back without causing damage.

I can't answer you questions about the key shapes, but I thought I'd share that little tidbit, as I remembered running across it.
That is unfortunate. On my Lenovo X200, keys can be removed and put back easily without causing damage, only not all keys are shaped the same, so they can't be re-arranged.

I had an Acer C720 before, which also had a chiclet-style keyboard like the Pinebook Pro. I was able to move the keys to Dvorak there without problems, and later back to QWERTY when I gave it to my cousin.

I would be interested in some sort of schematic of the keyboard used, if available. And I wonder if I would be the only one interested in a non-QWERTY keymap. Because I would assume that there could be an overlap of "people not using QWERTY" and "people interested in a Pinebook Pro".

Also, would keyboards be replaceable / for sale separately? I would be willing to try to re-arrange the keys on my own risk if I could just buy some extra keyboards. I've gotten plenty of Lenovo keyboards from China for instance.
Why move the keys? So just stick stickers on them?

Search "Dvorak Keyboard Stickers" on amazon or elsewhere...
Pinebook Pro, standard config (Manjaro)
I have tried that in the past and that is really, really, really terrible. It feels very unpleasant on your fingertips, the glue gets from underneath and sticks to your fingers and the display when you close the lid, when you clean your keyboard the tissue will hang behind it, etc.

Really, keyboard stickers only look good in theory.
From what I have gathered in the last months and recently,  They will start to sell keyboards in the Store
Possibly as soon as "Late Febuary"...

As the track pad & keyboard come preassembled in the palmrest to the assmbly plant,
That is how they will be SOLD as an assembly...

Great for many,   as many people will want to convert their ISO keyboards to ANSI keyboards and that requires
a different palmrest to do so.
Not so great if you only want to repair the same type keyboard...  but hey that makes it possible. ?
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I was able to rearrange my ANSI to Colemak pretty easily - applying upward pressure to the lower right corner popped it off it most cases. If the scissors come off, be sure to pay attention to how they go back together - one needs to sit on top of the other, and they both have little metal tabs they sit in.

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