Some Keys No Longer Working
I've been enjoying my 2020 Pinebook Pro (Manjaro) for almost a year without issues. Up until last week, I was able to use Fn + F keys to activate the kill switches for the Wifi and Webcam.

Starting a couple of days ago, these no longer work. In fact, I have noticed a lot of the F keys are not working, in addition to my alt key (cntrl+alt+t no longer pulls up a terminal).

I haven't installed any updates or new software (I only use my laptop for light web browsing and email). I have an external keyboard on the way via Amazon, but I'd rather not use it.

Has anyone experienced this - worried my keyboard is shot, but I have no idea how to confirm or what program to get that would show registered key presses/remaps.
Look up a guide or video on how to remove the keyboard. Usually you only have to take a piece of bezel off and loosen two or so screws. But just shut down, remove the keyboard and ribbon cables connecting it. Then just reconnect/reseat the keyboard and boot again. Sometimes a loose connection will cause funky issues Kodi nox like that.

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