Hangover (wine) on the Pinebook Pro
I'm interested to see if someone else has got Hangover running on the Pinebook Pro.

Theoretically, Hangover should provide better performance than using just qemu for running windows programs.
More about Hangover on it's GitHub page and WineHQ's documentation.

Hangover requires 64bit userspace which excludes the default Debian and Ubuntu builds.

The Unofficial Debian installer , @jannik2099 's Gentoo instructions and Manjaro ARM should be the easiest way to get 64bit userspace systems.

The unofficial Debian installer appears to have several perks in terms of getting the requirements fulfiled for Hangover. Namely, gcc-ada should be available.

You can follow my progress on getting gcc-ada and mingw on Manjaro ARM (had to bootstrap gcc-ada using Debian packages) here.
I'd interested to know how well this works on the PBP, but I feel that for now, w10arm on qemu is probably better than hangover, tho, I think hangover has a huge potential for the future...
This is partially why I've opened this thread. Alternatives have lower barriers for entry and people can report issues on them. But I like the idea behind Hangover and it's potential in the long term.

I hope whatever the current outcome is, that it would help for more users to be able to try Hangover.
All right, I'm getting closer and closer.

Hangover didn't present any errors after I got mingw-w64 on Manjaro.

But... The qemu side of it wasn't prepared completely. Currently I'm figuring that part Smile
I keep chipping away at my problem bit by bit.
On my Manjaro eMMC install, I get some linker issue for pixman. On my sd card Manjaro install I've hit some problem with zlib (haven't been as active to resolve it on the sd card).

If someone else running Manjaro/ Arch/ Debian is trying to get Hangover running, I would love to hear your experience thus far!
Just adding a small update on my little venture.

My issue with linking was ultimately resolved avoided by applying a commit to the bundled qemu to ignore vhost-user-gpu in some situations. Now I've joined the rest of the users experiencing ntdll error.

Looking at Hangover's various parts, it is very complex project. The bundled Wine and Qemu haven't been rebased for quite some time as well.

I could be completely wrong but from information on the README and a few replies in the issue ticket, it looks like at least one of the devs is using Android TV device with Gentoo (which would be good news for Tegra owners and explains why the submodules haven't been updated in awhile).

Moving onto the next issues and planning on how to approach gcc-ada package further Smile

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