PineBook Pro Status Update Page?
I did not miss that. That is the batch that is going out, or is about to, now that the November ISO batch has finished shipping. Your PBP should still ship to you this month.

Concerning the closing of the availability within the store, I can't say for sure, but it likely is related to Pine's expressed intentions to move away from the BTO batch system in the near future.

EDIT: This just in from Luke: ANSI PBPs will be shipping out within the next few days.
(01-06-2020, 09:32 AM)Jeremiah Cornelius Wrote:
(01-05-2020, 10:24 PM)LittleWalter Wrote: Hi,

I'm sure that I'm in the same boat as other folk that made orders, but is there a place to check order-update status? Or should just wait until the end of the month before doing anything like contacting the sales people directly?

I placed an order in early December for an ANSI Pinebook Pro and only received the the paypal transaction email, no kind of direct Pine64 confirmation email.  I don't even remember what the particular email address I used for the order, so I don't even know how to look that up.

Hello Walter! Don't worry. The exact same happened with my order. I ordered my ANSI PineBook Pro from the USA on November 9th. As other forum members began mentioning letters and invoices - when I'd received none - I became concerned. As it turned out, my order was correctly received by Pine64, but some of us "slip through the cracks" after the notification by PayPal. The team at [email protected] were very quick and helpful!

I don't have more info than this, but my small subthread and resolution are linked here:
Hi, thanks for the response!

I think I'll hold off for a bit, then shoot an email to that address sometime later in the month.

(I'm interested to see if my Planck EZ keyboard will work on the PBP out of the box.)
(01-06-2020, 01:29 PM)tophneal Wrote: You're likely right, production on new batches probably hasn't happened yet, as most places in China are in the process of gearing up for CNY, where they will be on holiday. Next production run of PBPs has already been stated as starting towards March.

If I recall correctly from the last updates, the ANSI batch you ordered from is out of production and shipping has or is about to begin for the batch.

I was under the impression (from one of Luke’s posts) that anyone wanting to sneak in to the current batch should order ASAP - this was at the end of December.

I ordered mine on Christmas Day, so do you think there’s any chance I’ll be one of the lucky ones or am I going to be waiting until March?  Even though it was my Christmas present to myself, that’s still an awful long wait...  Big Grin
I remember when Luke posted that. I believe he gave ~5 days heads up to the "deadline." If you got your order in by that day, you may be towards the end of the batch getting shipped, but you'll likely get yours soon.
Excellent!  That’s what I was hoping as well but I couldn’t find any concrete info.  Now I just have to sit and wait patiently and hope I get the shipping confirmation email! Cool
Here's the latest word:
(Jan, 09, 2020  9:07pm Arizona, USA time)

Pine Store listings :

ANSI Pinebook Pro as "out of Stock"
ISO Pinebook Pro as "In Stock"
Pine phone Brave Heart as "out of Stock"

Last time I looked Wednesday or Tuesday all three above were still listed as "in Stock"

So No more placing orders for some of those items for a while.
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So I thought I'd come back and close the thread out with a shipping update.

Purchased the PBP on Dec 5th, received shipping notification on Jan 17th from DLH via SMS, and was delivered the next day, the 18th.

Initial impression over the past couple days of messing around: it's a competent machine that will work well as a secondary machine for me, even with its software quirks.

I had issues with the default Debian installation w/ Firefox crashing on me.  But that might be my fault since I just ran apt-get to update the system's packages first instead of following instructions. (Basically muscle memory at this point when I use Debian distributions.)  So I installed Manjaro ARM w/ KDE on a microSD and it works surprisingly well. Obviously, it would run faster on the eMMC or SSD via NVMe but it's good enough for casual use.

Some bugs I expected to see, like the audio issues in Manjaro.  The speakers output sound when using the headphone jack; I might just pull out the internal speakers all together since they are that bad IMO but I might be biased as a MacBook user.  However, I didn't expect power management issues but apparently audio and power management are issues in the Desktop Linux world.  In Manjaro at least, suspend doesn't work.  Close the laptop and I can't activate the screen but the system is still on.  So I just turn the thing off when I'm done.

The keyboard is probably better than my 2016 MacBook Pro; it appears to be more reliable at least, which is what counts the most. The display is pretty good and better than my old 11.6" MacBook Air with its lower res TN panel.  However, there's a good amount of light bleed around the corners but only really visible on a black screen but no dead or stuck pixel on my unit.  (I wonder if these displays are "lower binned" or QA factory rejects as a cost-lowering tactic. This is a good use of these displays, if that's the case.)

My Logitech MX Master 2S (and probably my MX Anywhere 2, too) works well.  My Planck keyboard works and sits perfectly on the wrist rest over the trackpad. The trackpad is serviceable but pales in comparison to Apple's experience, which is obvious. I prefer to use a mouse/trackball when I can anyway, so it's nowhere near a deal breaker.

Not much a jarring transition from macOS to Linux because it's BSD and has access to Homebrew packages.  All of the command line stuff works as expected.  I installed: zsh (w/ Oh My Zsh for its plugin support), vim, neovim, neofetch, ranger (Python app for file nav leveraging vim-like beybinds), keepassxc-cli (local password management CLI app packed w/ the GUI KeePassXC).  The most important Linux packages for the command line work: fortune, cowsay, lolcat, nyancat, and sl. (It's an important sanity check to run `fortune | cowsay | lolcat -a` on a regular basis, IMHO.)

So far, the software-related issues I have are and probably linked to my limited Linux desktop knowledge and experience:
* I don't know how to encrypt the OS volume and don't know if it's even possible in a relatively easy manner.
* The Tor Browser doesn't appear to work on aarch64 (might be a workaround to use tor directly).
* I can't get the KeePassXC browser extension to work w/ the KeePassXC app (probably some sandboxing issue or something).

Moving between macOS and this machine is obviously not that bad depending on who you are since Macs run BSD and has access to the most-used *nix tools via Homebrew.  This is going to be a good secondary machine for me.  There are times I don't need macOS-specific things like Xcode, etc., and/or don't want to use a more expensive machine in public.  More RAM would be nice but I think this is a MVC (minimum viable all-in-one computer) that's more versatile than a cost-equivalent Chromebook, at least these days.

I feel like this laptop would almost be good enough as a primary machine if I was a computer science student. It would also probably be a competent web design/development machine for writing scripts and editing images, etc.  Small C programs probably compile fast enough.  Not sure how well the JVM runs for writing apps in IntelliJ and Eclipse IDEs.  It definitely would be a good machine for system admins that don't need the full horsepower of an x86 machine or developers that remote into their dev environments such as writing backend code.

Even though you can get a used Lenovo Thinkpad for less money, this still represents good value if you can live the current roughness of the software. Can't think of many machines you can just pop an SD card in and boot anther OS.  Kali Linux on an SD card could be useful.

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