Idea, smart display, and TV box?
Would it be possible to build a smart display, similar to the Amazon Echo Show devices?

It would go well with the IP cameras as well. The smart display could have a MiniPCIe slot and a SIM slot so it can be used as a hotspot on 4G. Maybe using Mycroft for voice controls. With 256GB of storage, could be used as a DVR for the IP cam...

A TV box would also do well. Would be pretty simple, just a RockPro64, but in a case, with lots of storage for movies and TV shows, Kodi preinstalled and an IR receiver.
Regarding the TV Box: It seems like a RockPro64 with a 3.5" drive in a small package would be useful for a lot of applications. ...Is there such a thing/project?

I'm familiar with the 2x SATA card, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a single drive adapter in a tight form factor.
As for the TV Box, technically it already exists as one of the company partnered with Pine64:
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