PineTime Baseline
I received my PineTime development kit a few days ago and I decided that before I
start to fool with it I should take a baseline of how it works as delivered.

Summary: The supplied software implements every hardware feature on the watch. The
screen is bright and clear and colourful.  The touch screen works well. Battery life is
excellent. Bluetooth connection between the phone and watch is erratic.  Most
hardware features work well, however it shows values for Blood Pressure and SPO2
and the data sheet for the Heart Rate Sensor doesn't mention being able to do this.
Overall an impressive piece of hardware.

Hardware: PineTime Dev Kit
Software: MOY-TBH5-1.7.8
Battery took slightly over two hours to charge initially.  Drew 84 milliamps while charging
(measured with a Drok USB meter). Battery life is extremely good so far, only dropped
10% in five days.
Screen is normally turned off.  Brightness can be adjusted.  Tilt to wake (called Quick
View in the phone app) works well if you are standing or sitting, not very well if you are
lying down.  Screen stays on for three seconds then turns off.  I have not found out how
to change this.
Watch face cannot be changed from the watch (see phone app below).
Watch can connect to phone app using Bluetooth.  Connection so far has been erratic,
it drops and reconnects at random intervals.
Watch will display phone number (or name if in phone contact list) of calls received on
phone (if connected to phone app).  Cannot decline call from watch.
Watch will display text messages received on phone (if connected to phone app).
Cannot reply to message from watch.
Multiple apps on the watch.
Step count works, showed 2,612 steps for a walk that I counted as 2,410 steps, a little
over 8% error.
Message displays the last three text messages received by the watch.
Sleep I have not tested.
Heart Rate works. It shows a value to start and the value varies for several seconds,
then shows a final value and the watch vibrates. It showed 75 when I measured 72.
Sports I have not tested.
Blood Pressure shows values (no idea how accurate it is or if it is valid).
Blood oxygen level (SPO2) shows values (no idea how accurate it is or if it is valid).
Music works if the music is started from the phone.  Then you can start, stop, and skip
through your phone playlist (if connected to phone app). Music plays on phone.
Camera works if Shutter option in phone app is selected first.  Then you can trigger a
picture from the watch (if connected to phone app).
Stop Watch works.
No Alarm app (have to set from phone app).
Weather works if location is set using the phone app first.

Phone hardware: LG V20
Software: Android 8.0.0
App: Da Fit by CRREPA, V2.0.0-135-g86a89387
The app recognizes the watch as a Y7S device.
The app has three sections, one a user profile, one for exercise and performance
graphs and one to configure the watch.  I filled in the user profile and ignored the
exercise section.  The configuration section allows you to:
Set a watch face (over 50 available, most very similar but some are unique).
Specify which notifications the watch should get.
Set an alarm on the watch.
Work with the watch to remotely control the camera shutter.
Specify formats like 12 or 24 hour time, British or Metric measurements, etc.
Specify when or if Quick View (tilt to wake) is used.
Specify Weather location.
Update to Baseline:

I have changed cell phones, from an LG V20 running Android 8 to a Google Pixel 3A running Android 10.  I had to power the PineTime off and on to get it to connect to Da Fit on the new phone.  Much easier than switching a WearOS watch.

The Bluetooth connection between the PineTime and Pixel 3A has no problems.  It does not drop and reconnect at random intervals like the Bluetooth connection to the LG V20.  The connection remains connected at all times.  If the phone is moved out of range and then returned, Bluetooth reconnects quickly.

.jpg   PineTime_Battery,jpg.JPG (Size: 50.98 KB / Downloads: 169)
The PineTime battery lasted 39 days from 100% to 10%.  The PineTime was powered on for most of this time.  It was sitting on my desk, connected to the Da Fit app on my phone.  It received notifications for text messages and phone calls.  It was however mostly idle.
This reads like it would be usable for everyday use. Why is it still in dev kit status?
(01-08-2020, 02:33 AM)Boern Wrote: This reads like it would be usable for everyday use. Why is it still in dev kit status?
The PineTime is essentially an existing product supplied without the back permanently glued on as it normally would be. The initial firmware is the firmware from that product, so it's entirely possible to use it that way, but that firmware isn't open. The idea behind the dev kit is (as I understand it) to let the community develop at least one open firmware, and see where it ends up. @lupyuen has already made a good case for the dev kit as an educational IoT device, quite apart from the interesting use of Rust in a small embedded platform. Others might want something Pebble-compatible, or who knows what else.
@rumpelstielzchen  pointed out that there is another phone app that can connect to the PineTime watch named COLMI.  This app has almost identical menus and settings as the DA FIT app.

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