U-Boot with direct NVMe boot support for eMMC/SPI Flash
I am afraid I dont know the meaning of those parameters, I just copied that from that manual page.

As far as I know SPI flash is a circuit on the board that executes every boot and enables booting from various devices. We need to update it to support NVMe too.
rkdeveloptool ld is saying "not found any devices" What is the process for putting the PBP into maskrom mode?
There is a button inside PBP, it was needed to open PBP.

So, press a button and connect to PC with USB C cable (USB C on PBP)

Then after running " rkdeveloptool ld" you should see if PBP is in maskrom or loader more. Loader mode is better, as I remember.

If it is in maskrom mode, then you should run "rkdeveloptool db rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.15.114.bin"

and download that bin from here: https://dl.radxa.com/rockpi/images/loader/

I am just rewriting the steps from that site, so I hope I wrote it right,
[Image: 90678221c167100d7d1e7b1d69cfb05f.jpg]
(01-13-2020, 12:33 PM)mamboman777 Wrote: rkdeveloptool ld is saying "not found any devices"  What is the process for putting the PBP into maskrom mode?

Ok.  I got it connected finally and I got the message "Write LBA quit.  Creating Comm object failed."  That being said, somehow I got the device to boot from SD and flashed the stock Debian back on the drive.  Now I can reboot into the stock Debian on the eMMC.  I'll call that a victory for now.   I'll work on getting the nvme working later.  I can't really believe how much work this has been to get going.  Thank you for your guidance.
I am glad to help. Funny is, that I cannot flash that SPI using my own guide myself Smile I tried it yesterday too to update it with new testing version but I was not successfull, I could not get to maskrom neither loader mode and seems that I bricked my PBP too. Will try again today Smile
I think many of us need to wait on flashing the SPI. With the same U-Boot software working on an eMMC or SD card, their is little advantage at present to flash it to SPI. Yet, quite a bit of risk of soft-bricking.

Ideally, we would see a more functional firmware image, (U-Boot or other), that supported device selection through display & keyboard, in addition to customizable default boot device. I think that's what I will wait for before I look to using the SPI device.
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I found out the way how to disable those annoying messages.
Just edit the file /etc/sysctl.conf and uncomment the line:
kernel.printk = 3 4 1 3

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