Restore default Debian system
Also, before I broke the bootloader on the eMMC, the only way to get it to boot from SD card was to boot into the default Debian distro, then do `sudo reboot`. Actually powering it off and on again always booted into eMMC, no matter what I did.

Is that supposed to be default behaviour?
(11-07-2019, 08:29 AM)fire219 Wrote: It's pretty simple! Download the latest build of the default Debian image, flash to an SD card, boot from the SD card, and let it flash to the eMMC.

I get the installer; try to run it, and get the message:Exec format error. The same for for Etcher.
With: pine64-installer-2.0.0-beta.3-linux-x64.AppImage.
Loaded Ubuntu onto the micro in my other computer; worked on that computer, but when I used it on my Pine it did not recognize it as bootable, and simple mounted the two directories on the micro.
(02-03-2020, 07:39 PM)PineFan Wrote: If you get an opportunity could please provide an Amazon link to the USB to emmc adapter you ordered or even better the product's ASIN #?  I have not seen one for  less than $20 USD.  Thanks in advance!

Search your local version of for "emmc reader" they also have an adapter to microSD. I recommend you pick up another eMMC module and, maybe, a UART to USB adapter at the same time.
(02-03-2020, 01:14 PM)uby89 Wrote: Eh eh thanks. I did a lot of reading, and my understanding is that with emmc disabled, and a sd card inserted with an OS with uboot on it should boot.
But it doesn't, which is slightly worry me.

I also tried re-flashing uboot on my current debian OEM on the emmc, checking the ribbon cable connecting the sd card. No luck.

I might have to wait for the usb adapter, but it does bother me that I should be able to boot from sd... and I could sort my emmc from there.

I've encountered an issue with similar symptoms. Have you tried another kind of image on the SD card with the bad eMMC still on? I had my bad eMMC (Manjaro) boot to login on a Debian SD but the Manjaro SD wouldn't except with a good Debian eMMC.

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