Special mid-month update - shipping status of PBP ; PT and PP
(10-31-2019, 08:33 PM)MrTester Wrote: Humorous story for you all,
Received a text at work today, 'Delivery Attempt, no one home'. Nooo I did not know it required a signature.
Log in, print the form to have them deliver with my printed signature..
I arrive home, see the dreaded 'we missed you' DHL sticker on my front door.
I proceed to walk my dog, almost at my turn around, I see a DHL truck driving around my neighborhood (mind you this is 3hs after the we missed you text) I subconsciously start running towards it with my dog, then retract as I realize its a stupid Idea to chase down a truck.
About 5min later, I turn the corner, the DHL truck is sitting outside my house 'I thought I might try you again'.

And here we go, happily writing this from my new Pine Book Pro.
Who knew DHL could offer such adventures in delivery! :-)
Grand Prize: One shiny new Pinebook Pro! :-)

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