The leds and fan of RockPro64
My RockPro64 arrived at last, and I've been testing it for the last 2 days. I installed LibreElec and I must say that so far it's working pretty well, but I have a couple of issues that I'd like a little help, if possible.

Firstly the fan. I connected mine on the connector 4 of the diagram on the Pine64 site (the one equivalent to "PWM controlled fan header "), but it just doesn't work at all. Not that bad for now, since I still don't have a case and I also got a 20mm heatsink (the maximum temperature I got was 50°C), but I really would like it to work properly, because as soon as I get a case I'm sure it will heat a lot. I've seen a couple of other threads in which people say that it's necessary to recompile the image and apply a couple of patches in order to make it work properly. Is that still the case or there are any other way?

The other thing that has got me worried is the behavior of the leds. Once the board is up and running the red led keeps blinking all the time (2 short blinks) and the white led is off. As I've read on the Pine64 site the expected behaviour would be the white led to stay on and the red one being a sort of "DIY" whose behaviour would depend on what each developer programmed to his image. Is that constant blinking of the red led the expected behaviour on LibreElec running on RP64?

I'm using my TV remote (through its HDMI-CEC feature) in order to control Kodi. It's working and all, but what I want is to turn it on as I turn the TV on, and off as I turn the TV off. The TV is correctly configured and I revised all related configurations on Kodi, and it still doesn't work. If I use the remote to turn on the TV the RP64 doesn't turn on, and if it's already on and I use the remote to turn off the tv nothing happens on the RP64 (no matter which option I configure on Kodi). Am I missing something?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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