Debian ARMv7 Multiplatform, Linux Kernel Support?
Is there support for Debian's "Linux for ARMv7 multiplatform compatible SoCs" kernel (linux-image-4.19.0-6-armmp)--32-bit ?

Rockchip RK3399 doesn't seem to be listed:

From the previous section (2.1.3. Variations in ARM CPU designs and support complexity)
"At the beginning of the ARM support in the Linux kernel, the hardware variety resulted in the requirement of having a separate kernel for each ARM system in contrast to the “one-fits-all” kernel for PC systems. As this approach does not scale to a large number of different systems, work was done to allow booting with a single ARM kernel that can run on different ARM systems. Support for newer ARM systems is now implemented in a way that allows the use of such a multiplatform kernel, but for several older systems a separate specific kernel is still required. Because of this, the standard Debian distribution only supports installation on a selected number of such older ARM systems, alongside the newer systems which are supported by the ARM multiplatform kernels (called “armmp”) in Debian/armhf."

It seems to me to be a better solution than a separate custom kernel, not tested/released by Debian.
I gather that Debian does support RK3399 with its standard kernel (armhf? or arm64?), baring the non-Free HDCP binary (for DRM video playback):

Add support for Pine64 RockPro64:

Re: Add support for Pine64 RockPro64:

rk3399: licensing of hdcp.bin

ASUS C201P uses the same SoC, however it uses Coreboot with a Depthcharge payload specifically designed for UEFI-booting ChromeOS

So what other things need to be installed and configured (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPU acceleration, uBoot) ?
Here are the Debian (Buster) Linux kernel packages anyone is interested:



Debian even has a webpage for PINE64 Pinebook Pro (currently blank):

Installing Debian 10.1

ARM 64 bit

ARM 32 bit
Has anyone tried using the Debian Package Auto-Building for the Pinebook Pro ?
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Debian Device Trees on Rockchip:

rk3328-rock64.dtb is there

not rk3399-pinebookpro.dtb
nor rk3399-rockpro64.dtb

Debian Installer:

Supported Platforms:
"The multiplatform support in the arm64 Linux kernel may also allow running debian-installer on arm64 systems not explicitly listed above. So long as the kernel used by debian-installer has support for the target system's components, and a device-tree file for that target is available, a new target system may work just fine. In these cases, the installer can usually provide a working installation, and so long as UEFI is in use, it should be able to make the system bootable as well. If UEFI is not used you may also need to perform some manual configuration steps to make the system bootable."

Daily builds:

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