Pinebook pro (and other product) pre-order and sales stats?
This is my first post. I've been lurking for months but I finally signed up. Let me say I love how you guys run your business, really hacker friendly, reasonably priced and feature rich products, the pinebook pro is a model example and I couldn't find anything comparable for sale here in Canada unless I build my own rasp pi 4 b laptop or something.

Would it be possible to publish ongoing pre-order and fullfilled sales totals, at least for the pinebook pro but also possibly for all the pine products? I think it would be cool for the user community to see how many 'others' there are out there.

Obviously you'd have to caveat it with "this is no indication of personal order progress" or something like that, because I realize any time you do something nice "like the pre-july 1st discount" there are always those that complain. This would just be numbers to see how the community for each product is growing. Doesn't even have to be live or that accurate, maybe updated periodically by sales department would be sufficient.

I apologize if this question was answered elsewhere. I searched quite a bit and didn't find anything other than the initial 2 pre order batch sizes, which were filled within 2 minutes of the pre-order opening.

Thanks again, even if you can't provide this feature.

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Pinebook pro (and other product) pre-order and sales stats? - by fentavius - 07-27-2019, 11:30 AM

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