Script to build pure Debian images for Pine64+

As a Debian purist I wrote a small script to build a Debian image for my Pine64+ with absolutely minimal (and optional) customization.

In order to use the script you should read it first, but this is a good idea anyway with random scripts from the internet that must be run as root. In any case, if running it will join your pine64 to a botnet, destroy your data and/or hardware, set your house on fire, etc. I will not assume any responsibility. Use at your own risk!

At the moment I have no intention to publish any images as I believe one should build it's own (hence the motivation to write this script).

It's been a while since I used the script, but I think I was able to use a Stretch image (most likely the mainline Stretch image created by CallMeFoxie to build a usable pure Debian Buster image, which I have been using since.

In case you are not following Debian development, Buster is now in deep freeze, which means it's quite close to the final version that will be released sometime in the following months.

I'm sure the script can be improved in various ways, including due to my modest scripting skills. Patches or Merge Requests on Debian's Salsa are welcome, provided they preserve the spirit: pure Debian with minimal (and preferably optional) customization.

Enjoy  Big Grin
Thanks :-)

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