lost eth0 on my pine64
Hi all
newbies on Pine64 and  armbian I cannot connect network using ethernet connector
just installed armbian today and the wlan is working fine but system looks cannot fine eth0

the debian version used is

cat debian_version

now I used armbian-config to setup the Wifi but here eth0 is no more present....

I don't know where I can go to enforce driver or something like that ... I more Windows users ;-)

Thanks in advance for your support ...

Furthemore my english is not perfect I'm French

try adding the following in /etc/network/interfaces :

# Wired adapter #1
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

it could also be an issue with the driver. there's a post on armbian's forum, that discussed the eth0 driver not working after the kernel update to 5.8. My A64+ is running Armbian and has a similar problem, so I just use the wifi connection.
still doesn't work :-(
afraid to stay like you only on Wifi doesn't work for my project to drive 3D printer with that ...
Is your board an A64 LTS or + (pre LTS IIRC)? You might try a different distro. Arch should work on it very well.
(02-16-2021, 12:39 PM)tophneal Wrote: Is your board an A64 LTS or + (pre LTS IIRC)? You might try a different distro. Arch should work on it very well.
I'll Try longtime ago I bought it so what I know is Pine 64 with 512 of memory nothing is wrote in the board.
However I already try Suse & Fedora without success (no boot) so why not I'll try Arch ditrib

I'll give you feedabck as soon as I can download it basedI have an error to download it with My PC
I have both A64-LTS and the (old) A64 running and had no issues with eithernet whatsoever using Debian/Devuan. I assume that you could have an issue with your bootloader (u-boot). Can you see the ethernet being listed in u-boot on the serial console?
Hi kuleszdl
Thank for your answer, to be honest, I don't know how to check the u-boot :-( newbie on linux and Pine too
at this time I start to learn by myslef with tuto and whatever ;-)

otherwise I finished to install Pi-hole on it and is looks running well using only the Wifi
But if yo explain the way to check the U-boot I'll do of course
Well it's not really trivial to check u-boot once you flash it, you typically have to check whether you are flashing the particular u-boot version before you flash it.

You can follow the official Debian wiki using the "Installing from an SD card image" approach:


The files for the A64 can be found here (you need partition.img.gz and firmware.pine64_plus.img.gz - don't worry the A64 and the A64+ need the same u-boot, the A64 LTS does not):


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