Debian installer on Pine A64+ but no hdmi
The reason I purchased the Pine A64+ was to be able to go through the Debian install process, choosing a minimum of packages and starting with a configuration that only I would understand :-D This is my usual method of operation for about 20 years.

After following the steps on the debian wiki and running into no kernel modules found issues, I ended up downloading directly from:

doing the zcat > to the card and was able to do a fairly regular debian install process.

Strange thing is, it is always over the console with the olimex USB-Serial cable:

OK, no problem for an install, but then going to testing, kernel 5.6.0-1-arm64 and still no HDMI, even console. Serial is nice, and ssh is most likely the main way I will be interfacing with the computer, but I am curious as to how to troubleshoot the HDMI output.

Still searching but maybe someone here can already point me in the right direction

for me, HDMI is working perfectly fine (as console output) on a A64 with 2GB (I assume it's the plus model?) and the current unstable kernel (5.7). I guess the reason why it may not be working for you could be an outdated u-boot.

I installed my OS in a VM first (using the official installer) and then moved it over to the real hardware. You can read about how I did that here:

Hope this helps.

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