Need Sollution : Screen Problem and says the Error "Out of Range" on the display
have a Pine64 2GB which i am used to use with my TV with the Android for TV OS.. but i planned to use my pine64 device to another room where i have a very old model screen which has a VGA input... i connected them with VGA converter, but it didn't work, after changing and using different converter it alwasy say "Out of Signal".. i used the same converter and connected my Pine64 with my new TV and it worked even with the HDMI to VGA converter.. Then i connected my laptop with the old monitor and it even worked but only when i connected the Pine64 Device it says the problem..

after googling it i kinda found that probably it's because of the screen resolution(my screen is square, maybe 15 inch monitor).. i tried to change resolution from monitor, but there is nothing to change actually..  i think, there could be some way to change the resolution(if the problem is bcz of the resolution) by changing some config files on the image file...

ii tried with different img files (Android TV 7.1, Android TV 7.0 , LibreELEC-KODI, Xenial Mate & Q4OS) and only  with LibreELEC-KODI the display came without any problem.. Hope someone could guide me to fix the problem and i would be able to use my Pine64 device with the very old monitor... given i am also sharing the photo of my monitor that could make u the idea to find the solution... Thnx in advance and forgive me if i ask really some noob question..   Smile  Smile

[Image: YEGXSZt]

[Image: f8xSbDU]

[Image: HHDzPPk]

[Image: qmbA89k]

[Image: aHJH9tZ]
today i tried with different img files (Android TV 7.1, Android TV 7.0 , LibreELEC-KODI, Xenial Mate & Q4OS) and only with LibreELEC-KODI the display came without any problem.. As i told you that i am very amateur with this board, i really need someones guide to solve the problem..
Hello hunterzonecss,

Unfortunately the HDMI driver in the BSP kernel only supports a few resolutions. So a lot of the images really only work with monitors that are 1080p or 720p.

I think the mainline kernel supports more resolutions now. You might want to try the Arch Linux mainline image:

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