Building a clustered NAS with RockPro64

I am debating doing the above with MooseFS or LizardFS.  The idea is that I would cluster multiple SBCs and my initial thought was to build it based on oDroid HC2s.  However, I think that P64Pro could be an option too given its SATA support.  (I suppose Rock64 too with the USB-SATA adapter, but I would be nervous about that.)  I am an avid Pine user with both original Pine64s and Rock64s in use in my house.  They work fine although there have been stability issues in the past.

All of the above brings me to my question.  When it comes to my NAS, stability really matters since it will contain all my critical files.  I will have backups and so there is protection, but I want a solution that I can be confident in.  At this point, I am not sure if R64Pro is there as I think that there could still be some stability questions and then concerns when upgrading as well.

Do you folks agree with my concerns or have we reached the point where it is solid?

Thank you in advance.
Quick update: I spoke with @ayufan about this on IRC. He indicated that the RPro64 is stable and usable as a NAS. I am still debating the end solution as it comes down to the use case and in this case it is trade off between the following two options:

1. RPro64 - Two boards with two HDs each which would be about the same cost but would result in more compute per board
2. oDroid-HC2 - four boards with one HD each - less expensive (although electrical costs could be a bit higher), but it would result in higher availability and lower compute per board

The HC2 is a clearly a more mature platform which could be a bad thing, but in this case, feels like it is more proven. I am likely going to go with that although I have not made the final decision. I am leaning towards the HC2 due to maturity and the added availability of multiple boards.

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