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On the store there are power suppliers 12V 5A and 3A. I have 12V 2A from cubietruck. Will it be enough?
(12-07-2018, 10:08 AM)radek Wrote: On the store there are power suppliers 12V 5A and 3A. I have 12V 2A from cubietruck. Will it be enough?

In the early days I ran mine with a 900mA psu - worked fine. But my only addition to the board (at that stage) was a Bluetooth USB dongle.

Potentially you can add some fairly demanding (of power) peripherals to USB3 & PCIe, let alone the DC-out or USB2, at which stage even the 5A will not be enough. So it depends what you plan to add.

And, like all of these maker boards, there are some nasty cheap psu out there that despite what they say on the label, are not good enough except as paperweights.
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