Stream torrents with Kodi on Android
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give some info about torrent streaming with Kodi. I tested several android devices and all of them support torrent stream with Kodi, so I believe that the pine64 will to (I can't tell for sure because my pine is coming in May so I haven't tested it yet).

I'd suggest to install Kodi via play store, ore some other store and download these plugins:

Kmediatorrent - Github link (after installing the kmediatorrent you'll have to go only on kickass torrents provider as other providers don't work)

Installation - after you download the zip file put it on a USB drive. Then insert the USB drive into your pine and start Kodi. Go to System - Settings - Add-ons - install from zip file. Find your USB and select the kmediatorrent zip file. after it installs it go back to the home screen and go to videos - add-ons and you will find the kmediatorrent. You'll need to configure it - do it as you wish than, although I would recommend only to setup the subtitles if you need them and everything else will work fine.

Quasar plugin - just go to this link and follow the instructions. When you go to the download page for the quasar plugin I would recommend to use the android_arm as the pine uses the arm processor. [url=][/url]

If someone tries this please inform if everything went ok, if not I will post everything after testing it on my pine when I receive it.
I finaly got my pine64+ with 2GB + wifi and bluetooth mofule. I installed kodi and torrent streaming is working flawlessly. Everything is ok. Smile

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