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RockPro64 Case 2x3.5" HDDs and 2x2.5 HDDs
Once I got the fan control working the case fits my needs running OMV as a NAS for backing up files on home network. My biggest beef is not knowing exactly how to shutdown/restart the device. Can anyone direct me to the documentation listing the steps to shutdown the device? Not just the NASCase but the Rock64Pro too. Are they separate processes?
1. Via the browser interface - Shutdown. Wait. Wait. Then what?
2. If I can't connect via the browser - what to do to shutdown the device.
3. Steps to reboot the device after running OMV Update Management via the browser. Just reboot? Shutdown?

Reason I ask is that over the past months I've corrupted many EMMC OMV loads somehow. One scenario, run the OMV updates, reboot, never comes back. Can't get into browser interface, need to power down, press and hold power button to the Rock64Pro on the NASCase. Shuts down hopefully. Unplug power, plug power into the NASCase. Powers up but maybe not. Can't get connected via WinSCP, browser. End up reloading and configuring OMV.
Another scenario. Getting emails that backup and other misc. maintenance via OMV have been successful. Suddenly don't get the notices. Try to connect via the browser. No go. Try via WinSCP. Nope.
I'm not a NOOB but not an expert either. I don't really want to have to pour over logs nor spend hours troubleshooting my NAS box. Sure I'm a tinkerer but I also think that there are better things to do than mess with a device that backs up files.
Luke's documentation on configuring the NASCase is great, thanks. But I think it would be helpful to mention the reset, power, how to's in it too. If this is in the wrong place on the forum let me know and I'll repost it. Thanks,

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