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RockPro64 Case 2x3.5" HDDs and 2x2.5 HDDs
(05-17-2019, 03:22 PM)markb1 Wrote: I got one of these, and it does do the job, but there are a bunch of annoyances, which kind of add up. I may feel better about it when I'm completely done with setup and don't have to access it again, but in the meantime, I'm having to deal with these things:

1) The SATA cables that come with it have to be bent at extreme angles, which makes me uncomfortable.
2) The SD card is hard to access. There's probably nothing that can be done to the case to make it easier to push on the card to release it, but once it's released, there's not enough clearance to get a finger on top of it to grab the card.
3) The power and reset buttons are very hard to press.
4) It's very hard to see the LEDs behind the reset button. There was a little plastic thing that came with the case, which I thought might be a light pipe, since it fits perfectly in the hole above the reset button, but it doesn't seem to work for that purpose.
5) The case is just really cramped with two 3.5" drives. To access the Pi header, I had to remove the drive assembly.
6) There are 8 screws that have to be removed to take the cover off the case. Really?

But, like I said, it gets the job done. Once I have it all setup and don't have to open it again, it won't be so annoying.

I agree with all the points but the last: I actually like that many screws (except if I need to open the case :p
One of the issues with the NAS case is the space required by most 80mm fans (usually 15mm or 25mm thick).  This can cause issues with the cabling and installation when using 3.5" disk drives.

In searching, I've found a solution that is only 10mm thick, but still provides 19CFM at 26dBA noise level.  It's from Wathai in China and is available on Most Amazon sites.  Here's the US Amazon link:

80mm x 5mm case fan

 (EDIT - the image on that page says 5VDC, but this is for the 12VDC fan)

If you're not an Amazon fan, Warthai's description is "80mm x 10mm 12V 2Pin DC Cooler Radiator Exhaust Cooling Fan"

Full specs:
  • 1 Piece fan and mounting screws & nuts
  • Rated Voltage:12V 0.1A; Speed: 2500RPM; Air flow: 18.9CFM; Noise:26dBA
  • Connecter: XH2.54-2Pin; Cable Length: 25cm Or 9.85 inches
  • Bearing type: Sleeve Bearing ; Life: 35000 hours
  • Dimension: 80mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 10mm(H) / 3.15x3.15x0.4 in. per fan

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