Pine A64-LTS not booting
Trying to get my new Pine A64-LTS to boot. Flashed a MicroSD card using Etcher with the Armbian_5_38_Pine64so_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.107 image. Etcher reported that the flash was successful.  When power is provided to the board (power supply from Pine), the green power light turns on, and a few seconds later one of the blue LED's starts flashing. The green light on the Network port comes on, and stays on, and I get periodic flashes of the yellow light on the port. That is a far as it gets. I don't see it showing up in the network connections on my router, so no IP address, so can't ssh in.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

when this has happened to me with various boards i look for another build to try.

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