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Pine A64-LTS not booting - williamcolls - 03-28-2018

Trying to get my new Pine A64-LTS to boot. Flashed a MicroSD card using Etcher with the Armbian_5_38_Pine64so_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.107 image. Etcher reported that the flash was successful.  When power is provided to the board (power supply from Pine), the green power light turns on, and a few seconds later one of the blue LED's starts flashing. The green light on the Network port comes on, and stays on, and I get periodic flashes of the yellow light on the port. That is a far as it gets. I don't see it showing up in the network connections on my router, so no IP address, so can't ssh in.

Any Suggestions?

Thanks for your time.


RE: Pine A64-LTS not booting - dkryder - 03-29-2018

when this has happened to me with various boards i look for another build to try.