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Wiki update and community contributions
The Wiki is getting reworked (big kudos to tllim) so things will be better organised, compartmentalised and less cluttered. This is an ongoing process at the time of writing (17/10/2017) so you may see some oddities and inconsistencies for the next couple of days. 

More importantly, the wiki is also opening up to community contributors. So if you are interested in writing guides, instructions and tutorials for any of the pine devices then we will be glad to host them on the wiki so they can be archived in a way that's easy to locate (we all know the search feature on the forum is borderline useless). We will also be pooling together all the tutorials and instructions submitted to the forum - this will obviously take some time, and you can help out with this too. 

Edit 05/11/2017: The Wiki is now open to community contributions! You can use your forum login and password to sign into the Wiki and edit or contribute new content.
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