bug on debian jessie LXDE
Hi friends,

A few days ago, I tested another Xenial Mate. I was confronted with the same problem as this post.

Currently, I'm testing Debian jessie LXDE.
I boot from microsd card, I come directly to desktop without asking for login.
When I open the web browser, the session closes (black screen) and asks me for login.
But I can not login on my session because USB ports are no longer powered.

I turn around. Big Grin

Why at boot, I do not have the login screen?
The problem comes from the web browser Chromium.

I uninstalled Chromium and I installed firefox-esr.

I don't have black screen when I start the web browser. Now I can surf the web with my Rock64.

Others problems :
1- When boot up, Debian does not ask for login credentials...
2- If you open the PulseAudio Volume Control, USB ports crash...

What do you think?

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