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Linux Images (ROCK64)
(08-21-2017, 09:20 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: The Pine engineers think in terms of Android only;  the gnu+linux images are going to be coming from the community, not Pine.

I imagine it would be easier for Pine to get a NDA+DataSheet to [re]implement drivers then some community member.
I wonder if the rock64 will be the first ARM SBC to have 4k h265 + Wayland or if this disappointing vendor stance will slow it down.
Rockchip is very active to have proper linux support going, so the chances are bigger than ever.
ayufan latest Linux Images (0.5.9-104) for ROCK64. Please visit his GitHub for released notes and visit the related links below on our Wiki:

Community Build Debian Stretch Minimal Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]

Community Build Debian Jessie Minimal Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]

Community Build Xenial Mate Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]

Community Build Xenial Minimal Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]

Community Build Jessie OpenMediaVault Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]

Community Build Xenial i3 Linux Kernel ver 4.4 [microSD Boot]
Any update on the stock LXDE build with sound fixed? Thanks.

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