How to Make a Pine with Android 7.0 Stay on All the Time?
I have two pine's with Android that I want to make both stay on all of the time.

On the Pine with the system version 5.1.1 there is a way to set the screen saver so it always stays on.
On the Pine with system version 7.0 there no way I can see to set the screen saver so it will always stay on.  The choices range from 15 seconds to 30 minutes.

How can I make the pine with the android version 7.0 stay on all of the time?
Hi Bob,

try this app to keep the screen always on:

Best regards
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Julian. Thanks that looks great and exactly like what I am trying to do.

Unfortunately I keep running into a bit of a hiccup when I try to go to the Play store I get this error:

"Google play services keeps stopping."

How do I fix this so I can install the app?
Is there a better version for me to be using than 7.0? One that would provide more stability?

The key things that drew me to 7.0 were Netflix and Kodi.

I can't get to Play to install the app Julian recommended. I get this error:

"Google play services keeps stopping."

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