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Pine64 Head Unit
(02-15-2016, 02:26 PM)Zoidiano0 Wrote: Hi Guys So che il Consiglio di non è stato ancora spedito, ma c'è un progetto comune per alcuni dei membri e che è
di costruire una unità di fai da te capo auto

[Image: 2pts07q.jpg]

questo è un progetto principale o un obiettivo comune di costruire questo con il nostro Consiglio

i stava parlando con alcune persone interessate e questo è l'elenco di alcune delle caratteristiche che pensiamo che questa unità principale dovrebbe avere:


uscita 4x50W RMS audio (con una migliore DAC ovviamente) - meglio DAC ad unirsi ai nostri sistemi di amplificazione - GPS ( USB, seriale)




- ND-105C - BU-353-S4 (inserito da @dalasu) - Ecco un altra soluzione per essere in grado di utilizzare il nostro telefono o tablet come GPS Fonte [url=Here is an other solution to be able to use our own phone or tablet as GPS Source App added By @ipsw]App   Aggiunto da @ipsw PDT: U Non perdere BT conectivity su entrambi ( tablet / telefono o pino) - USB "hub alimentato" (in modo che possiamo alimentare tutti i tipi di dispositivi, indipendentemente dal carico (ma preoccupano la larghezza di banda) - D-link DUB-H7 (inserito da @dalasu) - NOISE ISOLATOR DC / Convertitore DC con isolamento galvanico 5V / 3A (aggiunto da @dalasu) - SDR Radio http://sdrtouch.com/ per ulteriori informazioni - se siamo in grado di avere un aiuto di uno sviluppatore che possiamo ottenere lo streaming audio Android per Android Connection per riprodurre la musica da fuori proprio telefono o di un amico ( "Bluetooth"), come una normale unità di testa bluetooth - può e funzionalità OBDII Torque - sistema di sicurezza integrato con il Pine64 e alcune periferiche RF come un 2 sistemi di modi di allarme, ma migliori e anche noi possono usare un servizio cellulare per inviare un sms di testo se succede qualcosa di fuori auto o semplicemente tramite 915 MHz RF - Supporto telecamera posteriore utilizzando un ricevitore video composito esterno Camera : Esky EC170-06 ricevitore: Vktech ricevitore: Easycap DC60 STK1160 (Amazon.com) ( inserito da @dalasu) Ricevitore: Easycap DC60 STK1160 (ebay.com) (aggiunto dal @dalasu) - e, naturalmente, se è possibile avere accesso ad   Android Auto ok se non vi è alcune domande e caratteristiche da aggiungere alla lista si prega di lasciare un commento e dare la vostra opinione su questo progetto e se qualcuno può dare una prova di alcuni dei prodotti che ho citato in questa lista o se u sapere su alcuni altri che possono lavorare per noi pubblicheremo così posso aggiungere alla lista e noi può avere più opzioni e quindi di migliorare questo progetto , grazie!




Big Grin

hello to all I have a question for zodian which os you used for this project that I really like thanks
Hello cesar glad for your interest in the project

Well the main idea it's to use android
Because is driver friendly
it's easier to build app for it
And it's going to have and gpio api so is more flexible
Also u can try remoxOs
That is android based
And it can be used as well

Hope to see your build!
Please post pictures!
And if u have any suggestions or ideas to share please do it

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By. Zoidiano0!
LAMP: Linux , Apache2.4 , Mariadb, phpMyadmin, PHP5 
Java 8 arm by oracle
Netbeans 8.1
chromium (uses way toooo much Ram)

Pine64 Head Unit Project.!
will PINE be able to work with this device? -> http://www.gearbest.com/raspberry-pi/pp_277899.html
It will be eventually
Marcus have already make a adafruit GPS with python
The rpi2 port is not 100% functional but u can give it a try

Check for over options in the first post

Check in the forum for info about GPS

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By. Zoidiano0!
LAMP: Linux , Apache2.4 , Mariadb, phpMyadmin, PHP5 
Java 8 arm by oracle
Netbeans 8.1
chromium (uses way toooo much Ram)

Pine64 Head Unit Project.!
Hi All,

I have been planning a car pc but a really complete one for a long time. I bought radxda board before however the support for it is very limited. The best could be a som with a good support and a competitive price but today we dont have this option. I think for now the best available option is Pine64 with 2gb ram.

I propose to make a github and build a common board with our collaborative work. I can do something in hardware side but it is way too much for one person, and I am not really expert on it. 

I would like to touch on the issues discussed before:

1) Power
The best option should be pow management via an simple arduino controller even an attiny 85 would work. When there is a bus activity (remote key unlock) the pine64 will start to boot up and when the ignition removed pine64 will start to shutdown. I can help with the schematics.

2) Sound
We dont need to amplify the output the amplifier can be external and can stay in the car forever. The sound output should be differential 5ch output with derived from 2ch by an audio mixer IC. If we have digital output, it can be helpful for some car owners which have onboard dsp.

3) Linbus/canbus 
Can be achieved by very cheap ICs can be found.

4) Screen
LVDS or RGB screens should work with pine64 and they are relatively cheap. The maximum lenght for lvds cable is 20cm but we can use logic level converters to amplify it to 5V or 12V and we can use longer cables.

5) Camera
Analog input can be used it with usb adapters but also we can use raw camera input with using logic converters as we can do in screen part.

6) USB
If we need powered USB it should be piped to extension board we make and externally powered.

7) Buttons
They can be easily implemented through GPIO.
I would love to see Canbus. I have a couple of waterproof /fuse/relay boxes mounted under the hood. Each box can handle 10 relays but would settle for 8 for simple bit reasons. The wiring between the switches is a huge time and material consumer. I would love to be able to read the switches at 12 volt levels then translate that to Canbus on a slave then send to a slave mounted inside the relay box. Another feature would be to have 12 volt inputs on the Relay box slave so that it can monitor the fused output of the relays. On the switch panel, each switch has two LEDs one LED is a panel lamp to identify the switch, the other LED is to indicate an on condition. By monitoring the fused outputs on the relay box side and sending that status back to switch panel slave to illuminate the 2nd LED to indicate good condition. Switch on and no 2nd LED would be blown fuse indication.

Reason for staying with 12 Volt rather than TTL is because I can use common off the shelf automotive parts and it allows it to be configured with direct wiring instead of Canbus if someone wishes to.

There are commercial products that are available to do exactly this but are high priced for the DIY crowd.

A future option could be a touch screen on the Master to provide a GUI switch/indication screen eliminating the need for mechanical switches and mounting.

I have found some I2C boards I could do this with, but I think the environment is too noisy electrically to cover the distance between inputs and outputs.

Actually I couldnt get what do you mean exactly? What is this 12V line? Is it a bidirectional 12V level serial line? If it is, it is quite easy to implement is with couple of diodes or small ICs.
Hey guys good news mi new LCD has just arrive I install it on my playbox enclosure and burn the. Android 7 image
Due the gpio are available now from default in the kernel we might be able to use them
I have download some libraries to start working on some apps to use them
If u have some info of how to make them work any help is welcome

Thanks for the suggestions going to post them in the fist post to keep it clean to new users

Thanks to all to keep this thread alive
Please any progress on your ideas please post them

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By. Zoidiano0!
LAMP: Linux , Apache2.4 , Mariadb, phpMyadmin, PHP5 
Java 8 arm by oracle
Netbeans 8.1
chromium (uses way toooo much Ram)

Pine64 Head Unit Project.!
(10-06-2016, 02:50 AM)mbt28 Wrote: Hi,

Actually I couldnt get what do you mean exactly? What is this 12V line? Is it a bidirectional 12V level serial line? If it is, it is quite easy to implement is with couple of diodes or small ICs.

Wow had to figure out why the quote function didn't work like other forums.
No it is not a bi-directional serial line. It is a logic line that is at a 12 volt level but due to being an automotive application you have to becareful of voltage spikes well above 20 volts.

I have located some I2C boards with either N Channel Mosfet outputs to drive the existing 12 volt relays. Also found some I2C shield with opto-isolated inputs rated 3-30 volts that I can use to wire the existing switches to.

Here are the Output boards I found.

These are the input boards.

I have to do some dimension checking to make sure the output boards will fit into the waterproof relay box and the input boards will fit in behind the mounted switches.
Subscribed to thread, look forward to were is heading.

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