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Pine64 Head Unit - Zoidiano0 - 02-15-2016

Hi Guys i know that the Board's has not been shipped yet but there is a common project for some of the members  and that is
to build a DIY Car Head Unit

[Image: 2pts07q.jpg]

this is a main project or a common goal to build this with our Board

i was talking with some people interested and this is the list of  some of the features that we think this HeadUnit Should have:


- 4x50W RMS Audio Output ( with a better DAC  of course )

Better DAC

to join to our Amp's Systems Wink

- GPS (USB, Serial)
- BU-353-S4 (added by @dalasu)

- Here is an other solution to be able to use our own phone or tablet as GPS Source
     [url=Here is an other solution to be able to use our own phone or tablet as GPS Source App added By @ipsw]App   added By @ipsw
PDT: U Dont lose BT conectivity on either ( tablet/ phone or pine )

- USB "POWERED HUB" (so we can power all kind of devices no matter the load (but care about the bandwidth)

- D-Link DUB-H7 (added by @dalasu)


DC/DC Converter with Galvanic Isolation 5V/3A (added by @dalasu)

- SDR Radio for more info

- if we can get some help of a developer we can get audio streaming Android to Android Connection to play music from out own phone or of a friend ("Bluetooth"), Like a normal bluetooth head unit

- CAN and OBDII Capabilities

- Integrated Security System with the Pine64 and some RF peripherals
like  a 2 ways alarm systems but  better Wink and we also can use a cellular service to send a text sms if something happens to out car   or simply via 915mhz RF

- Rear Camera Support  by using an external composite video receiver

Camera: Esky EC170-06

Receiver: Vktech
Receiver: Easycap DC60 STK1160 ( (added by @dalasu)
Receiver: Easycap DC60 STK1160 ( (added by @dalasu)

- And of course if is possible have access to  ANDROID AUTO

ok if there is some questions and features to add to the list  please leave a comment and give your opinion about this project
and if someone can give a try of some of the products that i have mentioned in this list or if u know about some others that can work for us post it so i can add it to the list and we can have more options and so improve this project Big Grin

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - inzinjer - 02-15-2016

Nice post Zoidiano0!
First thing first, I would focus on powering up the unit via Car electronics. My understanding is that you need 12V from the battery line, 12V from the accessory line and the ground. 12V would need to be stepped down to 3.3 or 5V for Pine (believe these two lines are available on both bus connectors).
Also, may want to have the audio amplifier (4x50W) power up by 12V battery. One of these suckers will also need a heatsink.
So, it would make sense to me to have power (step down), and audio amp on the same board (shield for the Pine64).

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - Zoidiano0 - 02-15-2016

Ya we need to lower the voltage to use it on the pine i think a 12v charger would be enough to power the pine and all the peripherals on the system
like this one
and use just the circuit of it and manage the power the way we want.

and well for the 4x50w am we need the 12v and a board so we can control the volume of the amp according with the volume on the pine64

we can also use a after-market amp to power the speakers or even a sound processor

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - pine.tree - 02-16-2016

I'd love to see this whole idea put into an Instructable. I've got an old car with a broken CD player that we don't use anyways, so putting my Pine in the slot there would be great. I'd be happy to contribute what i can.

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - Zoidiano0 - 02-16-2016

Mostly is to know what kind of devices can work to able to have the features that I have listed and also if u have more ideas about features to be added to the project are always welcome

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RE: Pine64 Head Unit - pine.tree - 02-16-2016

The only thing i can really think of is bluetooth support for iOS and Android audio connection. The GPS idea is pretty cool, though. 

I get my Pine in March, so any development/testing would have to wait until then Tongue

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - CanadianIceTech - 02-17-2016

FM signal reception and playback is critical. I don't listen to any FM stations for music, but the local drag strip broadcasts the announcing over FM radio. Maybe a way to plug-in OEM antennas?

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - dulasu - 02-17-2016

Hi Zoidiano0,

Several suggestion about hardware:
  1. GPS: It's awesome that Android has support for ND-105C but I'd prefer to use something more suitable for car installation e.g. BU-353-S4
  2. To power up hardware like usb HDD, GPS or even USB 3g/4g you’ll need to use powered usb hub (i’d recommend D-Link DUB-H7 or similar).
  3. Power supply: I’d recommend to use DC-DC with galvanic isolation because there are lots of interference in a car so most likely you’ll hear noise from car alternator
  4. LCD: There are two options: 
    - MIPI LCD panel e.g. from Pine64. In this case you’ll need to use some video interface to display video from a rear camera. The cheapest way is to use easycapHere is the android application which works with usb easycap with chips STK1160 and UTV007.
    HDMI LCD panel. It also includes HDMI controller with VGA support and AV support (actually it’s adapted to work with rear camera). 
BTW, It's not that easy to format big post in this editor Smile

RE: Pine64 Head Unit - Zoidiano0 - 02-18-2016

I think we can try to use the the bye resoldering a new connector at the end of the cable to plug it in to the receiver

Thanks men I'm going to add them to the list
Ya I know we need to have a better source without noice to avoid interference

I look about the easy cap but try to find the devices with the right Chip it's kind of hard ( or am I wrong?)

Thanks guys if u have more ideas for features or u try some of the devices please post ur results thanks!

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RE: Pine64 Head Unit - dulasu - 02-18-2016

(02-18-2016, 05:51 AM)Zoidiano0 Wrote: I look about the easy cap but try to find the devices with the right Chip it's kind of hard ( or am I wrong?)
Actually it's not Smile Ebay or Amazon