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Kodi on Android
Apparently, Kodi doesn't support acceleration from GPU for now, so when you read or stream a video, the CPU does all the job without help from GPU. tllim said that in this mode, all 1080p video can be read but 4k, in the new format H.265, is too hard for the CPU alone.
The others video player apps can read videos with CPU AND GPU, so even 4k can be read.
Kodi can improved this if they want to support Allwinner A64 hardware, but we don't known if the want to, and as another solution if they don't, i found Archos Video Player, a media center app that can be used as Kodi, to manage media library in local or network and use native player to read or stream 4k videos.
Ok so pretty much streaming or playing none hd shows from Kodi as of right now will play without a hitch but it's the hd 4k videos that are 2 hard on it right now? Is this correct or am I reading it wrong sorry just dumbing it down for myself thanks
I understand that too Wink 4k and probably all stuff encoded with new codec H265. But all videos encoded with h264 up to 1080p (99% of videos for now) seem to be ok according to tllim post.
Ok perfect then it will still work and work well just might need to be updated at some point. As long as 99% of the videos play and play without a hitch that's what I'm looking for. Awesome thanks good sir it will still be awesome Smile
streaming 4k content with kodi is choppy. currently
To be honest i cancelled my pre-order, because it's not as promising as i thought for Kodi HW support ... :
Allwinner SoC are clearly not a priority for Kodi community, for a media center it's disappointing Sad I don't have found another board with such good spec for the price, but for a media center, i prefer to go by.
Good luck for Kodi and i will keep an eye on your team, maybe in the futur ! Smile
Now has anyone there tried contacting Kodi? Just asking is all if they did a raspberry pi script don't know why they wouldn't do a pin64
(12-21-2015, 03:07 AM)Danielhout Wrote: Now has anyone there tried contacting Kodi?  Just asking is all if they did a raspberry pi script don't know why they wouldn't do a pin64

We will contact with Kodi once ready, this will takes few weeks time to do so. Actively support in the Kodi official branch is our target goal.
i saw chinese 4k media box use this allwinner cpu can play 4k video

Please contact with Kodi
(12-25-2015, 07:47 PM)joe Wrote: i saw chinese 4k media box use this allwinner  cpu  can play 4k video

Please contact with Kodi

Pine A64 can play 4K video in under native player. It is no hard for someone to "hack" the kodi media player and route to native play back. However, by doing so, that Kodi will become customize version.

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