[Tutorial] How to overclock Pinetab 2
Hello everyone,

I was recently able to overclock my Pinetab 2 on both Danctnix and UBports (also posted a guide on the UBPorts forum), so I figured I'd also share a guide here on how to do this on Danctnix/arch ARM. I was able to get mine to run stably at 2GHZ, which is about an 11% overclock over the stock 1.8ghz. I did overvolt mine slightly just to ensure stability, although it worked without the overvolt as well. I'll provide both configurations here, you may decide which one you are more comfortable with.

Firstly, we must convert the DTB files to DTS files so that we can edit them. The Pinetab 2 actually has two DTB files that we will need to edit. Technically, only one of these is loaded by the bootloader, but it can be difficult to tell which one is loaded after bootup (the bootloader takes care of this transparently from the kernel, so Linux itself is unaware of which file was actually loaded). We will edit both just to be sure. (As always, it’s a good idea to create a backup of your /boot folder before editing these. If you botch the overclock, having a backup will make it much easier to restore your old settings. )

To convert these, run the following (ignore the warnings spit out by the device tree compiler):
  • cd /boot/dtbs/rockchip
  • sudo dtc -I dtb -O dts rk3566-pinetab2v0.1.dtb -o rk3566-pinetab2-v0.1.dts
  • sudo dtc -I dtb -O dts rk3566-pinetab2-v2.0.dtb -o rk3566-pinetab2-v2.0.dts

Now, we will be able to edit these newly created DTS files to edit the clock speeds with nano (or your favorite text editor of choice). Around line 91, you will see the beginning of an opp table with “opp-table-0” values, which identify valid clock speeds and voltages for the processor. We will add a couple of lines at the end of this block (below the 1800000000 block). We will do the same process for both DTS files.

Note that voltages and clock speeds are provided in hexadecimal here. I will provide two different configurations that you can use, one of which uses default voltages (1.15 volts) and the other of which has a slight overvolt to 1.20 volts. My tablet was stable on both configurations, but some tablets may be more stable with a slight overvolt, so I've provided both here so that you can choose which one you are more comfortable with (do keep in mind that the Pinetab 2 is a passively cooled device, so do this at your own risk). 

If you would like to preserve default voltages (without an overvolt), add the following:

Quote:opp-2000000000 {
opp-hz = <0x00 0x77359400>;
opp-microvolt = <0x100590 0x100590 0x118c30>;

If you would like a modest overvolt to 1.20v (may improve stability, but also increases heat dissipation and power consumption) use the following:

Quote:opp-2000000000 {
opp-hz = <0x00 0x77359400>;
opp-microvolt = <0x10C8E0 0x10C8E0 0x124F80>;

Overvolting might increase the chances of a successful overclock, and can reduce instability that might occur on some chips. It is not always necessary to do this, some chips will overclock better than others. Mine performs fine on both configurations, but I've provided both here in case others need a modest overvolt. You can play around with your own values in here by editing the hexadecimal opp-microvolt values, although do keep in mind that the Pinetab 2 is a passively cooled device, so do this at your own risk! (Personally, I'd recommend attempting the overclock without overvolting first and overvolting only if necessary, but make sure to have a backup of /boot first in case you need to revert any changes!) 

Once you’ve added these settings to your DTS files, we will need to convert them back to DTB files before we can reboot for the new settings to take effect.
  • sudo dtc -I dts -O dtb rk3566-pinetab2-v0.1.dts -o rk3566-pinetab2-v0.1.dtb
  •  sudo dtc -I dts -O dtb rk3566-pinetab2-v2.0.dts -o rk3566-pinetab2-v2.0.dtb
This will spit out some warnings, which can safely be ignored (so long as there are no errors. Warning messages are expected).

Now, reboot your pinetab 2. Then monitor the clock speed in the terminal to ensure that the device is reaching 2ghz:
  • sudo watch -n 2 cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq

(Note that this only watches core 0. However, this should be enough to ensure that the device is reaching your new clock speed. Make sure to put some load on the device, as the device will downclock during idle periods to save battery life. Ensure that the device reaches 1.99 or 2.00 ghz under load.)

Once you’ve verified that your tablet reaches the desired clock speed, the overclock is complete! You may now use your newly overclocked tablet, and enjoy your new ~11% clock speed increase. Smile

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk! I haven’t shared any settings I have not tried successfully on my own device, but your mileage may vary. Do not overclock your device if you are not completely comfortable with a little bit of risk beforehand! (I'm new to the forums, so if I've posted in the wrong place, feel free to move this thread!)

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