Star64 booting up Armbian video
Here's my Star64 booting up Armbian for the first time on a 2GB microSD.
This Armbian image is based on Fishwaldo's kernel & device tree and this release of Armbian: Armbian_23.5.0-trunk.275_Star64_lunar_edge_5.15.0.img from here:
I made an image of my 2GB drive in case anyone wants to write it to a microSD and try booting it. I'd recommend writing it to a larger microSD, maybe 16GB or more, because my 2GB quickly filled up. Armbian should automatically resize itself to fill your larger microSD.
You can find the compressed disk image on google drive: The shasum for the xz file is 4a1dc00d0ac27c690a04546c4447f6f96fe5f38f.
The green LED being on is normal. The blue activity LED (right next to the green one) should be blinking twice occasionally once it's out of the firmware and booting into Linux, otherwise there's an error causing it to be stuck in firmware.

The indications they're referring to is the position of the dip switches. You'll see a graphic to the left of them detailing the function each switch will have depending on the position each switch is in. The out-of-the-box positions of the switches (both switches in the "up" position) will allow for booting from the SD card (for me, anyway) so you shouldn't have worry about their location unless you have already flipped one or more of the switches.

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