[Mobian] : Battery consumption and OS compatibility
I have bought a pinephone and the battery consumption is too high.

As i good understand, pinephone have a SoC AllWine A64 and that's why it drain a lot of battery and warm.

The advantage of this SoC is good supported linux mainlines.

With the pinephone pro, the Rockchip RK3399S SoC is an ARM. In theorical, it drain less battery.
It's right ?

What is the level compatiblity of pinephone pro with Mobian OS ?
-linux mainlines
-basic features

Thank a lot for your feedback
The Allwinner A64 is also an ARM SoC. The PinePhone Pro's SoC actually drains more battery. But it is also significantly faster.
This doesn't directly address your question, but it might help you out.

I'm an electronics engineer who knows how to bench test batteries.  The one supplied with my phone tests at slightly over 2000mAh, so I ordered a genuine Samsung EB-BJ700BBU from Amazon, the one that the PinePhone wiki describes as "a tight fit".  It is a little bit tighter than the originally supplied battery, but nothing to get excited about, and it bench tests at slightly over 3000mAh ... I'm quite happy with it.
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